Christmas is coming, and the clutter is getting fat!

If you’re like me, I have project after project cluttering up my dresser, kitchen, desk, etc. I have ornaments my husband and I made with the nativity scene painted on them. They’re awesome, but we’re giving them out as gifts so for now they sit on our desk. My dresser has papers stacked tall with papers I just don’t know what to do with. The craft table in my room is covered with sewing projects. Fall pumpkins I haven’t gotten too, Christmas Jammies I’m finishing. Phew! Is the picture painted for you yet?

I was up last night stressing of all I needed to do. My husband said “Sydney, just take it a little at a time. Simple winds. Do little things that give you boosts of energy. Dishes? Simple wind. Make the bed? Simple wind. Prioritize.”

I was grateful for his counsel, and I’ve tried to do that today. It’s good to feel good about even the little successes. Every good thing you do counts.

One of the good things to do is to de-clutter your home. It really helps it feel more like a HOME. You’re brain works better and everything feels a little less daunting when you have a clean home.

A few ideas:

1. Go to bed with your house clean. It gives a fresh start to the day.

2. When you go from one room to another, don’t go empty handed! Take a thing or two with you so you’re constantly picking up little things here and there. Then the projects don’t get as big.

3. Rinse the dishes after each meal. It saves TONS of time

4. Have a laundry schedule. What day will you do darks? Lights? Whites?

5. If you are into crafting, try finding a cheap table or space you can work on projects little by little by keeping the project out. Sometimes it’s easier to find ten minutes here and there than a whole day dedicated to sewing. It clutters for a little bit but then hopefully doesn’t weigh over your head as long

6.f you are feeling overwhelmed with papers, namely recipes, ( or if you are one of those readers who commented on how you want to learn more about Cook’n) keep reading. We often have lots and lots of cookbooks and papers, they spill out of the cabinets, they’re everywhere!

I would say it would be great to get rid of it all, but then we would be throwing out all of our recipes! So it wouldn’t be so fun. But what if we could have both: all of our recipes and yet no clutter? Yup, this time you get to have the cake and eat it too.

Cookn brilliantly has a scan it feature. I first saw this before it was launched in Cook’n 11 and I was absolutely amazed at the technology. You can scan a picture or even just take a picture with you’re mobile device. Cook’n registers the text and then you just use the snip-it tool (that I talked about a few weeks ago). Voila! Neat! Here’s a tutorial as it will explain it way better than I can!

Hoorah for de-cluttering before the holidays!


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