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Volume III
October 14, 2011

Weekly Home / 5-Day Meal Plan

5 - Day Meal Plan

By Calli Rhoades

Download these recipes into your Cook'n software. Then, you can save time and money by using your Cook'n software to make a grocery list! Save time by using the dovetailing and "prepare-ahead-of-time" features designed into this menu!


Dovetailing Tips: I know you love onion day, so here it is! Chop 5 onions today and it will carry you through the week's recipes without needing to chop them again. Also, shop just over 1/2 cup of green pepper today and it will give you enough for 1/4 cup today and 1/3 cup Thursday. When you are all chopped out, you are done with dovetailing for the day and the rest of the week you get to enjoy your labors!


Dovetailing Tips: Today is simple enough. Simply grate 4 tablespoons of parmesan, use 2 for today and save 2 for tomorrow. Told you that was easy!


Dovetailing Tips: You have onion and parmesan waiting in the fridge, ready to go.


Dovetailing Tips: Today it is onion and green pepper waiting for you. Don't you love being a step ahead?!


Dovetailing Tips: Onion and more onion folks! You have it ready to go.

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