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Volume III
June 17, 2011

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Some Ingredients Chef’s Can’t Live Without

By Patty Liston

Have you ever wondered what ingredients are in a chef’s pantry? Is everything exotic, expensive and unpronounceable? Well, according to an article on the Shine website, chefs are a lot like you and me — except they run very nice restaurants.

Below are some ingredients that many of them can’t live without. The shocking thing is that most of us have these same staples in our own pantry.

Corn Flakes: crushed for coatings on fish, chicken, chops, whatever

Worcestershire: one chef commented that a few dashes in soups gave added flavor

White Bread: soaked in milk, and mixed with ground meat gives added lightness to meat balls, and meat loaf

Real Mayonnaise: creamy, rich flavor that is good for binding crab-cakes or anything else you may want to add extra richness to

Altoids: Graham Elliot Bowles uses these to sauce a leg of lamb. He dissolves a few into the lamb juice for a “more concentrated mint flavor”. Better than the real mint leaves!

Pop Rocks: are added to Eric Yost’s chocolate mousse for a light, orange flavor and a “crackling” texture.

Cream Cheese: better than butter when making tart dough

White Pearl Onions: simple reasoning here, no peeling!

Dr. Pepper: good for braising and tenderizing meats

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