Summer Whirlwinds

During the summer months a home can have quite the whirlwind. From going to parks, the beach, the library, having family and friends over a home can quite out of order. There never seems to be a dull moment and life definitely doesn’t slow down. This can make it a bit overwhelming to keep the home you love and spend so much time in tidy. When will you possibly have the time to help your house feel clean and what can you do to keep some sanity in the busy summertime? There are many cleaning tips for homes, organizational gadgets you can buy and to-do lists you can print, but there are several easy little tips that can remedy the messy tornado in your home.

These tips are not just for the kitchen, even though they definitely can be applied to and help that kitchen shine, they are for your whole home to feel tidier this summer. Simple little habits that really make all the difference and help you to not get overwhelmed by the messes. It’s amazing how the little things can really add up. So read through the list and see what habits you can start up to ease the summertime busy-mess.


Don’t walk to another room empty handed – there’s almost ALWAYS something in a room that belongs some where else – don’t pass it up, grab it on your way and put it where it goes. Put a basket at the bottom of the stairs to collect things that go up (or down) so you can take them next time you go. It’s amazing when you realize how many things don’t belong in a room and how quick and easy it is to just take it with you.


Avoid the mess in the first place by getting in the habit of putting things away after they are used. If you don’t have a place for it, you either need to make a place for it or toss/donate/giveaway it away. In the kitchen, clean as you cook or if you’re waiting on dinner in the oven, clean up the mess while it cooks. I swear this makes the meal taste better to!


Set a Timer for Quick Clean Ups. Give yourself 15 minutes to run thru a few rooms and just pick up stray times, fluff and straighten the room. You’ll be surprised how often this will motivate you to keep going. Get the kids to help – make it a game! Be Mary Poppins :).


Most days you chat on the phone with someone. Instead of sitting on the couch, get up and dust a room while you chat! Multi tasking is a friend to keeping a tidy home. This one doesn’t have to be solely for dusting either. Find any easy task to do while you are on the phone and clean away.


Hanging on to stuff, the clutter, is only going to make your house look messier. LET go of the unnecessary stuff and keep only what is truly needed. Use bins, boxes or bags set up a clutter donation box, or collection station in your home to place anything you decide you want to declutter that is not trash. This Box Must Be Emptied Regularly! When the box is full take it right out to your car so you can drop it off at a donation center. There are always extra kitchen gadgets you don’t use regularly or dish rags you need to get rid of. Go through your stuff and purge!

I hope these tips help you keep your home a little more organized without being overwhelming this busy summer. And hopefully it leaves that room used oh so often, the kitchen, a bit more livable and loved. I’d love to hear things that have worked for you to keep your home more tidy.

    Carolyn Spencer
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