More Desirable Leftovers

More Desirable Leftovers

Leftovers are common in my household, but you won't find me shouting "hooray" when it's leftover night. As much as I want to save money and not waste food, it can be hard to eat soggy, dried up and sometimes tasteless leftovers. Is it possible to recook or reheat leftovers in a way that tricks us into thinking were eating a freshly, cooked meal?

Well friends-the answer is, YES.

So, before tossing away those amazing family favorites this holiday season, take a look at these tips I researched on how to give more life to your leftovers.

1. You can't go wrong with "Leftover Casserole"

Find a way to combine your leftover meat, rice and veggies together to create your very own casserole dish! For a wonderful, thanksgiving leftover casserole, visit:

2. Go Stir-fry crazy

Cut pieces of leftover meat into thin slices and freeze in freezer. If your meat is too tender and difficult to cut into thin slices, then partially freeze first before cutting. Freeze your leftover vegetables as well and combine into skillet and cook. Great Leftover Stir-fry recipe:

3. We're bringin' moisture back

Reheating in the microwave can cause many foods to dry out. To add more moisture to those dry baked goods, place a cup of water in the microwave while reheating on a low setting. This creates a steaming effect.

You can also place a damp paper towel on top of your leftovers and microwave (this works well for that dry, leftover turkey!)

Lastly, to keep those amazing desserts from turning into stone, grab some slices of bread and place them overtop of your cookies or around your cakes.

4. Sautee this, steam that

Who says you have to reheat in the microwave? If you have more time on your hands try sautéing your leftover pasta and rice. Grab a skillet, some cooking oil and place over medium-high heat. Toss and reheat your cooked grains to give them a firmer texture.

A steamer basket is a great way to reheat your meats without drying them out. Place pieces of meat in basket and place basket in a pot with boiling water (while making sure the meat is not touching the water).

Here are some other ideas on how to steam your leftovers if you do not own a steamer basket-

Also, Just a reminder: be cautious about eating leftovers that have sat in your fridge for a while. If you label and date your leftovers you won't wonder how old they are (because if you're anything like me, it is easy to forget!) This website is as great resource in knowing when certain foods will rot. -

Even though shouting "hooray" on leftover night is not likely, hopefully these tips will help you and your families more fully enjoy your leftovers.


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