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Volume III
May, 2011

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Cake Bite Twist

Hi Dan and your 'amazing' wife Kathy who showed me by watching recently via video email how to make Cake Bites.... We dont have them in Australia. You don't know how much they inspired me!

So this Easter, just today in fact we have made a Devils chocolate and a Vanilla Cake batch to coat and decorate tomorrow with my 9 yr old daugther. We are going to package in them as gifts in Egg Cartons that I have been saving for good use. (Perfect Timing). She and I painted and decorated the egg cartons for the occasion.

We just can't wait to fill them for many others to eat!!! Hope they like them as much as us. (Our taste testing proved so positive we had to try and try again! A mum and daughter cooking moment. Precious.) So I wish to Thank you both so much, for your inspiration, humour and generosity for sharing your recipe. You bring families together. Happy Easter!

Kirsty... and Daughter Piper.

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