Celebrate National Beef Month With Me!

A couple weeks ago I shared my very favorite chicken meals of all time and wouldn't you know it--May is actually National Beef Month! Who knew?! It doesn't take much for me to want to celebrate beef :) Beef is by far my favorite protein. I mean come on--hamburgers, tacos, meatloaf--what's not to love?!

Just for fun, I thought I would talk about my top three favorite beef meals of all time. I would love to know what yours are too.

Favorite Burger of all Time

Well, it's true. I am a true-blooded American because a good hamburger is one of the very best things ever, right? I really think so. One of the very top items on our to-do list when we move to a new city--even before the boring grown-up stuff you have to do like set up your new internet, water, electricity, yada yada yada, is find "our" burger joint. This place is going to see you through the good and the bad. You need a burger that's going to be there for you. One that won't let you down. Preferably one with thick cut, perfectly cooked bacon and dripping in amazing ranch sauce. Thankfully, we found ours within the first couple nights of being here in this place.

But my favorite burger of all time resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. If you have ever had the desire to visit that beautiful place, just make sure that besides your lovely drives up through the mountains to go skiing, you make sure you carve out time to try at least three or four burger places while you're in town. I'm telling you--Salt Lake City is the burger capital of America. They've got Crown Burger, Apollo Burger, JCW's, and many, many others.

Oh yeah, and I can't forget to mention fry sauce. Another main reason you need to go to SLC to get your burgers is that all theses places have fry sauce. Fry sauce is the most heavenly dip that is perfect to dip your fries, and your burger in. The base is ketchup and mayo mixed together and various restaurants have their own variations with the other things they mix in. It is quite similar to the spread you get at In ‘N Out Burger.

My favorite burger is the ranch burger (with extra ranch, of course) from JCW's in South Jordan, Utah. Get an order of cheesy fries with fry sauce on the side and you are in heaven.

Authentic Carne Asada Street Tacos

I have met plenty of people in my life that have not had authentic tacos. They think the Taco Bell type tacos with the ground beef and cheese are the real deal. While those are deliciuos and have their own time and place, you really need to try authentic carne asada tacos. The kind with small, soft corn tortillas, deliciously seasoned carne asada (grilled beef), finely chopped onion and cilantro, a splash of lime juice, and your choice of fresh salsas. I can't even describe to you how much fresh flavor these simple little beauties bring to the table.

Find your nearest local Mexican restaurant with authentic tacos and you will not be disappointed! Most of the time you can find them for half off on Taco Tuesdays ;)

World's Best Pot Roast

The number one best meal my mother-in-law just crushes is her pot roast. Best pot roast in the whole UNIVERSE. I'm serious. She is so cute--whenever she sees pot roast on a menu at a restaurant, she always has to try it to see how it measures up to hers and never once has anything surpassed it. She's a humble woman though, and would never tell you that unless you relentlessly beg her to admit it like I did :)

She is so sweet and will even make it for Thanksgiving along with a turkey, and I'll tell ya--the bird is barely touched, while the roast pan is licked clean!

What are your three favorite beef meals of all time? I would also love to hear what your very favorite burger you've ever had is. What restaurant is it from? Please share all your beefy thoughts in the comments below.

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