Make Cooking Easier for Parties and Holidays with the Serving Size Tool: Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

Changing the size of recipes can get tricky when you're cooking for a crowd. How do you multiply 2/3 a cup by 4? If that took you longer than three seconds, there's a better way.

Cook'n can do all your math for you. Changing serving sizes is quick, easy, and even kind of fun! Whether you're on your computer or on a phone/tablet, try the steps below to make your next party easier.

On a computer, try this:

Open a recipe.

Make sure you are in the Edit view.

Click the button "Makes 1 Servings" next to the word "Serves".

A Change Serving Size window will appear. It will show the number of people the recipe currently serves in the "Number of people to serve" field. Type in the number of people you want to serve.

Check the box "Automatically adjust recipe quantities."

Click OK

Cook'n will do the math for you! It will change the amount of each ingredient called for.

On a mobile device, try this:

Open a recipe.

On the bottom left of the pictures is a button that says "Serves" with a number below it. Tap that button!

Adjust the number to the amount of people you want to serve.

Again, the Cook'n elves will automatically do your math!

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