Keep Those Pesky Flies Away With These 9 Natural Remedies

Spring is here!! I am so ready to open the windows, let in some sunshine and fresh air, and welcome in the warm weather! However, I’m not so ready for the flies…. I have 4 little ones and between them and my hubby someone is always leaving the door open- welcoming in a bunch of nasty, unwelcome flies into my kitchen! So how can we keep these nasty pests from invading?

1. Keep up on the housework. Flies are attracted to garbage and animal feces, so keep a clean kitchen (especially the sink, as they may try to breed in the drain!), take the garbage out, and stay on top of the kitty litter box! You’ll be keeping the flies away, as well as enjoying a clean home, so double win!

2. Keep your yard spic and span. Your decaying dead plants and garden produce are a great way to attract flies, which is certainly not our goal. You also want to be aware of standing pools of water like puddles, as these are actually great places for flies to breed! Take good care of your yard and garden and move any waste as soon as possible.

3. Grow a basil plant. I LOVE the smell of fresh basil- and if that weren’t reason enough to keep a fresh little plant in your kitchen- they also ward off flies! They hate the smell- so enjoy some Italian dishes with your fresh basil and enjoy a fly-free kitchen!

4. Think spicy! Funny enough, flies don’t like things with a strong spicy smell, such as cayenne pepper and ginger- it actually makes it harder for them to breathe! Make a special anti-fly solution (blend 3-4 fresh cayenne peppers or a little dried ginger powder and add to 3-4 cups of water) and spray garbage cans, drains, ceilings, moist areas, or anywhere else those pesky little guys like to hang out!

5. Turn on the fan. Keep your electric bill down and flies away at the same time! Put a little oscillating fan on your kitchen counter and you’ll keep more flies away- they won’t fly somewhere with so much wind resistance!

6. Grow some flowers! Lavender and geraniums, to be more precise. Or a eucalyptus plant. It doesn’t matter. All of these are great insect repellents, and flies are no exception! And who couldn’t use a little more beauty around their home? ;) If you’re not feeling up to gardening, just use the essential oils from these plants to create another homemade spray! (And while we’re talking about essential oils, lemongrass is another great fly deterrent!)

7. Put pennies in a glass of water. If you’re having a party or another occasion where you’re going to have food sitting out for awhile, just place a few glasses of water nearby, and put 4-5 pennies in each one. While we may not know the exact science as to why this is effective (maybe they think it’s a bigger bug?), it will keep those flies away, and that’s all you need to know, right? :)

8. Make cinnamon and cloves your best friend. Aren’t we so lucky that flies happen to hate all the most delicious smells? You can use cinnamon essential oils (or cook cinnamon on the stove!), or use this handy trick- place several whole cloves in sliced lemon halves and place them at the center of your picnic table- or wherever you’re wanting to keep those pesky insects away from ;).

9. Hang up plastic bags of water. Grab a couple Ziplocs, fill them up ¾ of the way, and hang them above your garage door, your backyard door- and if you’re brave enough, your front door ;). They may not look very pretty, but they’ll keep the flies away, giving you a fly-free kitchen!

I would LOVE to hear your tips! How do you deter flies from coming into your kitchen? Share your magic tips with us in the comments below!


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