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Volume III
December 21, 2012

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Games That are SURE to Make You Laugh

By Sydney Hill

Pictionary Telephone

I played this just the other night with some friends. It's fun to see a sentence change from beginning to end. Start by giving each player scraps of paper. If there are 7 players, give each player 7 papers. 10 players, 10 papers, etc. Everyone writes a sentence about another player. Pass the whole stack of papers to the player on your left. They read the sentence and on the second sheet of paper, they draw a picture about it. They put the sentence in the back of the pile and pass the stack so that the third player to get the stack sees just a picture. Now they have to write a sentence about what and who they think it is. They put the picture in the back and then pass it so the next person draws a picture. Keep this going until all the papers are finished. Time to laugh: Everyone share the sentences and pictures as they progressed throughout the game.

Ultimate Charades

This is fun because you can get more obscure with what you write down, and there's just more to it than acting. This starts off the same as regular charades. Everyone writes people, places, or things on as many scraps of paper as they want. Throw them in a basket or tin. Choose teams. Here's where the twist up begins: Taking turns, each person goes through as many papers as they can, but they don't have to act them out. At least not yet. All they have to do is describe it. When it's guessed, grab a new paper and get as many as you can in that minute (or 30 seconds, it's up to you). When all of the papers have disappeared out of the basket, tally up how many papers each team has. Put them all back in. Now, you still have a minute, but you can only say one word to get them to guess what's on the paper. It will be a little easier, because you've heard the words before, but you have to be creative and smart in the word that you choose. Take turns, and when all the papers are gone again, tally them up. Put the papers in the basket one last time. Now it's time for charades. It won't be impossible no matter what you wrote down, because you've heard the words, but it's still so fun and funny! Third times always a charm. Tally up for the last time. Who ever has the most total points wins!


I have played this for years and I'm still not bored of it. Everyone sits in a circle except one person in the middle who is"it". Everyone but the person in the middle chooses a "sign". The more discreet the sign, the better. You could tug on your ear or tap your finger. You could scratch your elbow or bat your eyes. Make sure everyone knows each others signs (even the person in the middle). Have the person in the middle close their eyes while everyone decides who starts the sign going. To do this, they do their sign and then they do the sign of someone else. Then that "someone else" does their own sign to show they have accepted it, and then do another player's sign to pass it off. Tell the person in the middle to open their eyes, and let the games and laughs begin. The middle guy has to find who has the sign. The problem is, it's constantly changing. Pass the sign when he or she is not looking, or when they're accusing someone else. You have the sign if you were the last person to do your own sign. Even if you tried doing another players, they technically do not have it until they do their own to show that they saw you. This game can be played for hours! If you have the sign and you're caught, you become the new middle man.

Holiday Twist-up: choose signs that have to do with Christmas characters. Flutter your hands for angel wings, put your hands to your head for reindeer antlers, quietly laugh like Santa Clause would. Just have fun!

Other games that I love to play are Things, Loaded Questions, and Quelf. I love them because you're always laughing and they allow you to be creative. You can find them online or in stores.

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