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Volume III
December 14, 2012

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Easier than a Gingerbread House

By Sydney Hill

A room mom brought this as an activity one time to my class. Both the kids and I loved it. It's just a decorated sugar cone. I've prepared some reasons why these sugar cone Christmas trees are awesome and why kid, teacher, and parent were happy.

You just frost a cone and add candy on top. No pre-assembly is required. No milk cartons need to be collected. Frost it. Add some candy. That's that.

Not too messy
A gingerbread house makes graham cracker crumbs. A sugar cone doesn't.

No tears
My graham cracker gingerbread houses almost always fall apart. When you're 6, that's a devastating blow. It topples on the way to the car. All that hard work for nothing. A Christmas tree is easier to keep together and hold so that it doesn't fall.

A sugar cone doesn't go stale as fast as graham cracker.

Optional Toppings
M and Ms
Licorice (for light strings)
Gum drops
Red hots
Chocolate chips
Cherry chan candies
Mini chewy sweethearts
Jelly beans

The trees shown below are more decorative. Use a leaf cake tip to look it look more like a pine.

Image 1:

Image 2:

Image 3:

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