Back to School Activity: Apple Taste Test

Our family loves doing taste tests to compare various flavors or brands of food we eat all the time. We have done chocolate chip cookie contests, root beer contests, and it was about time we added apples to our list.

My girls and I picked out 7 different varieties of apples from Sprouts early in the week. We compared price, color and size while in the store. We made guesses about which apples we thought would be our favorites, and noticed varieties we have had in the past and noticed a few that were new to us. The shopping trip alone was memorable, but it really got fun during our lunchtime taste test!

I enlisted my 8 year old to write the names of each apple on a sticky note and place the cut slices in dishes as I cut them. Kids love to be involved and will be way more likely to engage in the activity if they’re part of the prep work.

I printed these simple apple rating scorecards for everyone to keep track of their preferences. My youngest daughter just made sure to taste them in order and write down her rating right away since she can’t read yet.

We unanimously agreed that the Pink Lady apple was our favorite. I have loved Honeycrisp the most in the past, so I was a little surprised by these results. I hope you try a taste test with some kids (or adults!) in your life, and have a fun time doing it!


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