Durian Fruit- The Stinkiest Delicacy!

Ok, I’m not someone that sits all day and just watches cat videos, but you can’t deny that cats do the silliest things sometimes! I came across this one recently on Facebook and it cracked me up! It’s a video of cats catching a sniff of durian fruit- and they do not approve!

I mean seriously, the gagging cats just make me chuckle. It’s like watching my kids at the dinner table when I serve enchiladas!

If you’re like me, you probably left this video thinking: “What the heck is a durian fruit? Is that even a real thing?” Well, it is!

The durian fruit (or, “King of Fruits”) is originally from Southeast Asia. A green spiky fruit with a yellow center, it may be safe to say that this fruit is the most divisive in the world. It’s actually been banned in Singapore (on the Rapid Mass Transit) and some hotels in Thailand due to it’s overpoweringly strong smell!

This fruit can actually be quite expensive, due to its short shelf-life and rising demand. Durian fruit often cracks open when ripe, so it can be quite easy to eat. And that also explains why the pungent smell can be so easily detected!

So, what exactly does it smell like? It depends on who you talk to, but here are a few descriptors

  • “Onions”
  • “Gym socks”
  • “Manure”
  • “Roadkill”
  • “Rotten eggs”
  • “Turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock”
  • “Stale vomit”
  • “Sewage”
  • “Cheese”
  • “A bunch of dead cats”
  • “Sewer gas”
  • “An outhouse”
  • “Rotten onion”
  • “A dead animal”
  • “Skunky”
I don’t know about you, but I don’t blame the cats for gagging! So why is this repulsive-smelling fruit so popular? Well, let’s take a look at how people describe the taste:

  • “Exceeds in delicacy of taste of all [the] best European fruits”
  • “Lightly sweet and deeply musky”
  • “Vomit-flavored custard”
  • “Like eating ice cream in an outhouse”
  • “Completely rotten mushy onions”
  • “Raspberry blancmange”
  • “A rich custard highly flavored with almonds”
  • “Surgical swabs”
  • “Carrion in custard”
  • “Overtones of hazelnut, apricot, carmelized banana, and egg custard
  • “Caramel”
So- it’s all over the place. It sounds like you’ll either love it and think it a fine delicacy, or find it absolutely disgusting! Don’t you just love this beautiful Earth we live on, with all its unique creations?

I’m not sure I’m overly dying to try this fruit…. I’ll happily stick with my tasty raspberries and call it a day! But if the opportunity arose, I might just have to give it a shot! Would you try this unique delicacy? Share with us below!

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