What Else to Freeze in an Ice Cube Tray

Bacon Grease- Bacon is good, and the grease is even better! Save it in an ice cube tray to use next time you make green beans or a baked potato!

Minced Garlic or Ginger- Mincing these items are a bit of a task, so do it all at once and then freeze the rest in pop-able portions for the next time you're making mashed potatoes!

Fresh Lemon Juice- Have a little lemon juice leftover? Freeze it in an ice cube tray to add to your next broth based soup or shrimp recipe!

Spinach or Mango Puree- If you prep these ahead of time, they'll be ready to go when you're in a hurry to make a morning smoothie!

Buttermilk- I usually buy this for a specific recipe, and then it goes bad before I have a chance to use the rest! Freeze it for your next buttermilk pancake and syrup Saturday.

Marinara or Pesto Sauce- Freeze it for those lunches you eat alone. Boil up some pasta and pull the sauce out in an ice cube tray!

Herbs- Any seasonal herbs can just be placed in an ice cube tray and doused in olive oil to freeze. Easy!

Egg Whites/Yokes- I make a lava cake recipe that uses egg yolks only, and I always feel guilty tossing the whites. Just freeze and cook them up for a healthy breakfast days later!

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