Spring Clean that Kitchen!

Don't you wish you had the power of Mary Poppins to snap, the jobs a game! When it comes to spring cleaning that is my wish. It feels so nice to have a clean kitchen. It is the one room in the house that will either overwhelm me to the max or make me feel so happy and successful. Usually it is the first, overwhelmed. Dishes always pile in that sad sink, splatters happen endlessly, that floor you mop and sweep constantly seems to always need help, cupboards start to get disorganized and wild and the fridge...we won't go there. But Spring Cleaning in the Kitchen can be successful and a snap if you take it in stages and allow it to be 'fun' checking off the to do list.

So, lets begin with some to do's on that checklist. Every kitchen has specific areas that need deeper cleaning and some that need more organization and knowing the needs of those areas can help you tackle the task ahead. There are lots of printables out there to give you checklists, but all kitchens are different. Think about the needs of your kitchen, write down the to-do's and get started.

Beginning the Big Clean : First steps first and most important (in my cleaning list) is to turn on some great cleaning music. Turn up the beats and whistle while you work, or belt out your favorite lyrics. Then….de-clutter and get those counters cleared! Getting started with your surfaces becoming organized/clean is the first step to success. So, do those dishes, clean up paperwork and clutter off of counters and allow yourself a "clean" slate to begin the dirty work and keep you motivated as you dive deep into the kitchen clean up.

The Pantry : This poor little cupboard gets a beating as it is used a great deal and can get quite disorganized. First take everything off the shelves and organize them into categories. Next wipe down all those shelves. We know that honey jar has left a sticky ring! Check for expired or stale goods and throw them out! Put everything back with the oldest expiration in the front. Consider buying containers for all your bulk items and labeling them with the content name and date you bought it as well. This will help tremendously to not waste and to be organized!

The Fridge & Freezer : Basically repeat what great work you did in the pantry. Taking everything out, wiping down and washing, and then putting items back in an organized fashion. Another factor of the fridge though is the outside. Yes, you've been hanging coupons, kids art work and reminders with the plethora of magnets you keep there, but it's time to wipe down and clean it off. Sort through all those fun things and throw away expired coupons (I always take the time to keep them and then realize I have them after they've expired). Maybe decide if you really need all those magnets back up as well. Put up what you keep in an organized fashion to keep the outside looking nice.

Cupboards & Drawers : Again you are going to need to take everything out and wipe down. Those silverware trays are notorious for crumbs so make sure to give them a good wash. A great thing to do as you go through all your dishes, silverware and cupboard items is to have a donation pile and a season pile. As you put things back notice if you have 5 spatulas and if you really need all of them. Or, if you've got nutcrackers you only use at Christmas. Keep these items out and put them/give them away as soon as you can so they aren't a clutter pile.

The Dirty Work : Now that the kitchen is all "organized" we move onto the dirty work of the cleaning stage. Go to work on those appliances. Wash out the microwave, clean and polish the outside of your toaster, blender, dishwasher and any other counter-top appliances. That oven can be a beast but wipe it down and get it sparkling as well. Next, clean and wash down counter-tops and the outsides of your cabinets. Last, but definitely not least, the floor. Pick up rugs and shake them out and then sweep away! Spot clean any really sticky spots and then mop the whole floor.

Ahhh, that looks nice and feels good once complete! Pat yourself on the back and know you have successfully spring cleaned that kitchen once again. I forgot to mention at the beginning of all this cleaning you should definitely make a messy batch of cookies that you set up on a pedestal. Once all the cleaning is done you will have your fresh baked cookies awaiting your triumphal completion. Go out and buy yourself a small bunch of daffodils, cause hey, you deserve it after spring cleaning! Do you have any cleaning tips or tricks that help you in your kitchen? We all do our organizing differently and it's fun to hear what helps you! Comment below!

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