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Volume III
December, 2012

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Thanksgiving at the Buffet? Poll

Would You Go Buffet for Thanksgiving?

We will always have Thanksgiving at home (136) 56%
Never have, but I'd consider going to a buffet (61) 25%
We sometimes go the buffet route (35) 14%
We always go buffet style! (10) 4%

Total Votes: 242


Thanksgiving at home is best because of the leftovers!!

There is no room at the table if we put out serving dishes.

Work schedule and sometimes budgets cause our small family to eat out at a local buffet.

my family would die, if I didn't cook at home.

In our family, Thanksgiving dinner is about the FEELING of Thanksgiving and we we wouldn't get that FEELING at a buffet.

Home is Best

We would try a buffet . Most relatives work two jobs and only have a few hours here and few there.

i think this is a time to share with your family and give thanks for the lord giving this opportinity to be together, and going to the buffet may make some family members fill left out cause the may not can afford the buffet,at that time

My sister passed away at the end of October 3 years ago. That first Thanksgiving we could not imagine how horrible it would be without her. We went to a very nice buffet in a hotel and were able to get through the day intact. It was a God send for our family under the circumstances.

We set up a buffet line at home to save space at the table. We live in a small house.

That word is pickings.

I went one a vey long time ago. It was really nice. The food was great and so were my friends. But when I got home it was a bummer. No picjings at all. Never again. Oh I was only cooking for mt 5 year daughter and my self, that is why I went in the first place. What a mistake. NEVER again.

Thanksgiving to me is being with loved ones around my table and not spending it in a restaurant with strangers.

our family went out once -the little kids were out of control and we had no left overs to ravage the next day!

The buffet is not as good love the home cookin

Some people are alone and need to have a place to go unless a friend or even a stranger includes them in their celebration.

Thanksgiving is to the God of the Bible, and our family all believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. It's impossible to give proper thanks to Him in a crowd involving those who do not believe in Him.

We have been dong buffet stlye at home and it seems to go over big!

with a lot of people coming - buffet is easier than sitting many at small table

Now that we are retired and there are only the two of us for the rare Thanksgiving when all the kids go to the in-laws, we might consider a buffet.

Our Holiday traditions are so strong that I don't think I could enjoy not have the fun of preperation and sharing with family and friends.

When our children are at their spouses and it's just my sister, her husband and me we have talked about going to a cafeteria.

Leftover Thanksgiving is as good as the dinner, so much to share!

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