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Volume III
December, 2012

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Coming Together

We love this sweet note and personal story sent in by Sheryl, one of our great Cook'n readers.

Thanks for updating me. One is for me and the other for my new daughter-in-law. My son was discharged from the army's wounded warrior program in October and they moved back from Colorado to be near us. They met and married two years ago but living on separate sides of the country only let us do brief visits a couple of times. I'm getting to know and love my DIL and she is fitting in so well in our small town.

She has taught me so many new recipes from her family I thought we could create and share our recipes this way and build a whole new family favorite cookbook. As my son adjusts to civilian life and college with his disability this gives us ladies togetherness time as well. Can't wait to start this project. It's amazing the number of recipes we have never heard of even if she grew up in Indiana and we were in Illinois. Haha. You would think we lived in different countries the way we cook so differently. The photos and shopping list with ingredients are bonus. I think it will help both of us as we try each other's meals. Watching her joy in cooking makes me sure this will be well used!

Thank you for making it possible to do this with your special pricing. Your software is the perfect gift for cooks and for us. Food pulls us all together and your software lets us share our favorites while we merge our families.

I pray your company has great success and your family is blessed this Christmas season.

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