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Volume III
September, 2011

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Safer Egg Cracking

We had chickens, ducks and guinea fowl when my kids were little and I KNOW where eggs come from, ugh. Unless you wash your eggs with soap and water before cracking them, a safer way to separate eggs is to use clean hands.

Crack the egg on a FLAT surface to prevent forcing the possibly contaminated shell into the egg. Break the egg in half and dump the whole egg into your hand. Sliding the egg to your fingers, let the white run between your fingers into a dish, a true sensory experience, lol. This way also prevents the occasional yolk breaking. I used to separate my eggs this way...

I really appreciated your video on making the Grocery List customized! Is there a way you could make MOVING the list items Drag and Drop rather than having to highlight and click the up/down button? Just a thought.

Nice newsletter this month!


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