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Volume III
October, 2011

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Feeding a Crowd

I'm looking for some good receipes to cook for my crew of 22. Do you have any and when can i put it on my iPad?


Don Brabson

Hi Donald,

Sounds like you are a busy cook. Is this a reunion or a daily event? Below I've posted some links on past articles regarding cooking for a crowd. In them, you'll find links to some favorite "BIG" recipes and just some useful tips and ideas.

One of the reasons the Cook'n program is wonderful is because it's so easy to "grow" recipes as needed for any size crowd with it's Recipe Calculator. I also love the variety of cookbooks available... they include recipes from many cuisines. Look there for good recipes to feed your crowd. Here are also some great articles for large groups. Hope this helps!

Feeding a Crowd

Crowd Pleasing Eats

Be Prepared for Your Crowd

Raspberry Slush for a Crowd

On these links, type in your email and DVO will send you the recipe:

Crowd-Size Minestrone

Cheesecake for a Crowd

Chicken for a Crowd

Chili for a Crowd

As for your other question, just this week we released an app for the Cook'n on MAC and the Mobile devices will be in the very, very near future.

Watch the progress and learn about the mobile apps at this link: Cook'n Mobile Apps

Thanks for your support! We are anxiously awaiting the release too.

Happy Cook'n,

Desiri Wightman, R.D.

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