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Volume III
December, 2011

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Do You Stuff Your Turkey?

Stuffed! 42%
Separate Please 58%


I always stuff the bird but I make 3 times the amount of stuffing as will fit. Stuffing is a good thing to have on hand anytime of year but especially now.

We have a large family and a wide variety of pickiness amongst it's members. Some like turkey and stuffing, some just turkey and others like stuffing and won't eat the turkey. To please everyone, it's just easier to cook them separate.

I know stuffed is risker, but tastes so good!

It is a lot safer and I don't like dry stuffing.

Cornbread with giblets MUST be your Grandfathers stuffing! lol It is our very favorite, and ours always goes in the bird and an extra casserole pan. I can hardly wait for the big day!!

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