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Volume III
November, 2010

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To Carve or Not to Carve Poll Results

What is your favorite way to decorate your pumpkins?

The traditional gut and carve! (91) 74%
Carve a plastic pumpkin (0) 0%
Paint their cute little faces (12) 10%
We do a few of these styles (12) 10%
Other (8) 7%

Total Votes: 123


LOL - it looks like most of us are just traditionalists! We like to scoop out the insides and carve that halloween face!

If you thin the walls, you get a pumpkin pie. Also pumpkin seeds to eat. Gut and carve also keeps kids busy for a couple hours!


The slime is GREAT!

I can't bring myself to carve a pumpkin and let that good food go to waste.

I have many Fall displays around my home but I use fake, but realistic-looking pumpkins for them. But it's not the season unless we can carve at least one big, real pumpkin.

gotta love roasted pumpkin seeds and they are packed with nutrition

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