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Volume III
November, 2010

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Thicken It Up!

Some time ago you had an article which talked about thickeners. One was mentioned that did a great job and did not need to be cooked. I have gone through the archive and cannot find it. Can you help me?

Diane Cowley

Hi Diane,

I've included the link below to the article I think you were thinking of? I also know of the thickener “Ultra-Gel” or Instant Thickener. This food starch doesn’t need to be cooked. It will thicken both cold and hot foods. It’s rather fun to use to make pure fruit syrups or sauces.

I simply heat up some apple juice, say, add a bit of the thickener, wait for about 5 minutes, and then pour onto pancakes. It’s so nice to not have to add sugar. I’ve also used it to add a glaze to diced fresh fruit in place of whipped cream or other fat/sugar laden sauces. Very versatile and quite fun to experiment with...

How to Thicken Soups

Hope this helps,

Desi @ DVO

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