An email conversation with Dan Oaks and a Cook'n friend!

An email conversation Dan Oaks had with one of our Cook’n friends!

Hi Dan,

  During this horrible crisis we are all going through, I thought I could help my friends and family break some of their boredom by sharing my Cook’n Cookbook by doing what I thought was available (remember a newsletter a long time ago that described how to publish your cookbook up on the internet for sending a link to a friend to access.)

  I’ve spent almost 2 hours going through your site and can’t find anything.

  Did you eliminate the feature after introducing it?

  With respect, Cary Harwin

Hi Cary, 

It's great to hear from you!  Click here to see how to publish your recipes to the web: 


Thank you so much Dan, I should be finished with editing my cookbook by this afternoon and be able to publish it then. I appreciate you my friend…  please, all of you stay safe…  I’m keeping totally in until all of this is behind us as I’m in the highest risk group, 75, cancer, daily chemo pills and no immune system anymore….   But all is well here, fully stocked, both freezers full and use to being with my honey 24/7 as I’ve been working out of my home since 1976.

  Thanks again Dan…..  I'm so glad to hear it!  Yes.  Definitely stay home and stay safe! can publish your cookbook at any point in time.  And, if you make changes after that, your online cookbook will update automatically.  So, even after you publish it, you can keep adding recipes and/or making changes.


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