Are YOU a “Supporting Actor” Kind of Foodie?

Back in the old days when I was dating my husband, we were hanging out at his parents’ house one afternoon. It was lunch time and his mom, being the saint that she is plopped down a big ham and cheese. Upon closer examination, my appetite for the ham and cheese went away almost completely. But I couldn’t pass up a sandwich from my potentially future mother in law so I begrudgingly ate the whole thing.

My husband was commenting on how delicious the sandwich was and I admitted to him why I hated it so much. What is it that I hated so much about it, you might ask?? Well, back then I might have described that sandwich as a mayo sandwich with a side of ham and cheese. The mayo was oozing out everywhere. It looked so gross to me, but I remember thinking it was actually pretty good. Come to find out my husband, aka boyfriend at the time, LOVED his sandwiches like this! I was astonished! Well, guess what? Guess who’s jumped on the “heavy on the condiments” band wagon somewhere in the last ten years?? This girl!

Now just this summer I experienced making sandwiches for two of my sisters, heavy on the mayo (enough to make my mother in law proud) and I laughed out loud when I saw the same disgusted looks on their faces when I gave them their sandwiches. Ha! I totally get it!

Which leads me to the most important question of this article? Are you a “supporting actress” kind of foodie?? Let me explain. Take the Rocky movies, for example. Which one is your favorite one? 4? 3? 2? Maybe you even like the classic first one best. I’ll tell you which one you’re not going to say: Rocky 5! Everyone knows that one is terrible. And why? Because *SPOILER ALERT* his adorable old man trainer Mickey died clear back in the second one and we all know what happened to poor Apollo in the fourth! (Why didn’t he go with his gut and throw the towel??? Whyyyyyyyy??!) May he rest in peace. Rocky was nothing without the supporting actors, am I right?

Now let’s talk food. I’m of the opinion that just like Apollo, it’s all about the supporting actors that really make the stars shine! What good is warm apple pie without a fat scoop of sweet vanilla ice cream on the side? What good are biscuits without the savory sausage gravy on the side??

Take this little quiz I’m going to make for you and we’ll determine what kind of foodie you are…..

Question 1: When you eat spaghetti and garlic bread, are you more excited about

  1. The spaghetti

  2. The garlic bread

Question 2: If you get a sandwich at work from Panera that has ZERO condiments on it (this is a real-life scenario my husband complains about all the time ha!) do you….

  1. Not think twice about it and eat it and think it’s great

  2. Rather scream and throw it in the garbage because a dry sandwich is far worse than no sandwich at all

Question 3: When you are thinking of eating out and are going back and forth thinking of solutions to consume the delicious food before the extra sauce you are getting on it will make it soggy before you can eat it…….

  1. This never happens to me because I don’t order extra sauce everywhere I go. I eat it regular. However they recommend it . They know what they’re talking about.

  2. Yeaaahhh….we better eat the restaurant so my _______________ (animal style cheeseburger from In N Out, Italian sub with double extra oil and vinegar from Jersey Mike’s, polish dog from Costco SMOTHERED in mustard, ketchup, relish AND onions, etc.) doesn’t get soggy or make a big old drippy mess.

Question 4: When literally the last 4 times you have placed an order at Café Rio for an EXTRA SIDE OF RANCH and they have forgotten the ranch EVERY time!!!! (watch out…..pent up feelings here!) do you……

  1. Think: Ahh well. It happens.

  2. Call them and give them a real talking to (to put it nicely) because they have done this for the FOURTH TIME in a row and wonder what you have done in this life to offend the sauce gods so much and what you can ever do to get their forgiveness….

If you answered mostly A’s you are a normal and sane person. You understand that spaghetti is the star of the show and are ok if you if you don’t get half a loaf of garlic bread and have to share 1 loaf with 6-8 people, ya know, like normal people do.

If you answered mostly B’s I think it’s safe to safe you are a fellow Supporting Actor Foodie. You like to live life a little on the wild side. Welcome to the club. It’s a great, albeit messy, place to be!

Please tell me in the comments below what you are. Share any and all thoughts you have on sides, condiments, dry sandwiches, etc. in the comments below :) I’m here for you! I understand.


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