Gadgets to be Grateful For + WINNER!

I did something similar to this last Thanksgiving. I looked through my kitchen and thought about what I’m grateful for. Not that having things is what makes you happy, its better to be grateful about life and the loved ones you have in it. But, I think it’s still fun to look at some cool gadgets that seem to make things a little easier or time saving.

Obviously, I’m grateful for EVERYTHING in my kitchen, but these are a few standouts I want to highlight.

Portable Dishwasher

The place I live in does not have a dishwasher, but I found a portable one at an outlet! and it works great!

Hot Cocoa machine
I won’t say too much on this because I saw Camille is doing an article on it! But I will say I love that it gets to a great temperature and that it creates a frothy texture.

Nylon Utensils

If you get good ones that can withstand heat (because I’ve had plastic ones melt in my oil before! Oh that was not a fun day. Tangent: My sweet hubby and I were making sweet n’ sour chicken together and I, the absolute germophobe, knocked the cutting board with raw chicken off the counter and onto the floor. Then, I melted, completely melted, two of my favorite utensils. ). But, I have other ones that are a little more sturdy. Anyway, I love the nylon for my non-stick pans. And I realize if I have mostly these then people won’t accidentally use metal on my nonstick pans, which has happened before! Oops!

Another Can opener
I just got a second can opener because there were so many times I needed it and it was in the dishwasher! I know it’s not best to dish-wash them, but man! I am such a germophobe!

Toaster tongs

I just go these, too. They are wooden tongs to get that toast that just won’t pop out! Does that ever happen to you? It’s the heel that usually does it to me. Anyway, it’s great because they are wood, sticking metal into a toaster oven is far from safe!

Drink Containers with straws

I’ve heard it said you drink more when you have a straw. I think that’s true. I like to keep one on my counter and then my end table. That way I can have a drink at night if needed, but don’t have to risk as much of a big spill if I accidentally knock it over!

Fluted Stoneware:

So…I accidentally inherited some stoneware from my mom when I broke it. Oops! I dropped it on the counter because I was frazzled that I had once again ruined a batch of coconut bread. It cracked right down the middle and so I bought Mom a new one. I kept the broken one, and let me tell you, I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’m crazily super glad I broke it! It’s a pan that has 6 mini-bundt pans (great for gift –giving!!) and since it’s split I have one pan that has two and one that has four. So I don’t have to make 6 at a time and it’s way easier to clean because each piece is not as heavy as it would be without!

What’s a kitchen gadget you’re grateful for? It doesn’t have to be fancy, just something that you love.

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