Notes from "Famous" Folks

How Two Professional Bakers don't get Fat at Christmas!

Slash calories by halving nuts.

"Nuts are super nutritious, but if you're counting calories [they] can really tip the scale out of your favor. Eliminate, or reduce by half, the nuts called for in any recipe," suggests Catherine Ruehle guest Baker on the Food Network. When you sample, choose unsweetened varieties; any "light" dusting of sugar can really pack on calories.

Bring leftovers to the office.

The real trick, though, is to keep them far away from your desk. Research has found that just the sight or smell of food in close quarters can encourage mindless eating. If you're hosting a party and have baked goods, "keep empty takeout boxes on hand and fill them with remaining cookies and brownies to send with your guests on their way out," suggests Pamela Giusto of Pamela's Products

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