10 Ways To Prevent a Cold

If you have been reading my recent articles, than you now that I am definitely an autumn/winter kind of girl. However, I will be honest: there is one thing I absolutely hate about winter- 'tis the season to be sick! Last year I'm pretty sure there was always at least one person in my house with a runny nose or some kind of cold. And I know my family wasn't the only one! It seemed that everyone I talked to had more than their fair share of colds and illnesses and they were all long-lasting! It's hard to enjoy cooking or eating or really anything when you're not feeling well.

I think it's good to remind ourselves of ways to prevent all those germs from ruining our holidays. Here are some things you can do to protect your family from colds and other wintery illnesses this season.

*WASH YOUR HANDS. This one is basic, simple, and obvious, and yet it is still so often overlooked. Growing up my family always had a habit of washing our hands when we got back from the store, church, a friend's house etc. It's a good idea to get in the habit to wash your hands anytime you leave your house. I'm not trying to encourage OCD here, but a little wariness is not a bad thing;).

*Eat your fruits and veggies. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? That's because our body will do a much better job at fighting off nasty germs if we equip it with the right tools- all those vitamins and nutrients that are found in fruits and vegetables.

*Just say no. I try to be a responsible parent and tell other people when my kids are sick. There has been more than one occasion when our family has plans, but one of the kids has a cold last minute. I try to let everyone know who is planning on being there, even if it is just a cold. If they don't want to get their kids sick I stay home. I have had other people tell me when their kids are sick, and I often just tell them to come anyway because I don't want to be the mean bad guy that says no. But I think that was the number one reason we kept getting sick last year:). This year I need to be a little more firm;). Don't be afraid to reschedule things or to just say no. In the end everyone will be happier when everyone is healthy instead of sick!

*Exercise. This helps our body to be stronger and builds the immune system. Plus, you'll feel better with all those endorphins!

*Sleep. Getting enough sleep is crucial for our bodies to be able to function at their full capacity- and we definitely want our immune system at its very best this time of year!

*Keep your hands away from your face. I'm pretty sure this is an impossible task with a 2 year old and 1 year old, but I'm going to try! I guess the other option is to carry hand sanitizer or wipes and wipe my kids hands periodically;). Either way- keep those germs away from your face!

*Sanitize your phone regularly. Think about it- your cell phone is usually with you- clean hands or not- and you are constantly putting it by your face. Use some sanitizing wipes to clear the germs on a regular basis! This is probably smart to do with anything that you touch a lot- doorknobs, keyboards, etc.

*Relax! Okay, this one is probably the reason we got sick so often last yearJ. Meditate, get a massage, do something you love- anything that will help relieve stress. Again, a well-rested and healthy body is much more likely to be able to fight off germs!

*Don't touch ! If you can, avoid touching things that get frequent hand traffic when you are in public- hand rails, drinking fountains, pens, etc.

*Cold-Eeze! Zinc drop such as Cold-Eeze can be a great way to help your body fight off an impending cold, giving it a little extra boost when it needs it!

What else do you do to keep your family healthy during cold and flu season? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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