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Volume III
November 08, 2013

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Fall Fruits and Veggies

By Whtiney Saupan

Do you love using fresh fruits and veggies in your dishes, but are worried that there might not be a lot of fresh choices during the colder seasons of fall and winter? There is no need to worry, the colder seasons, especially fall, are great for lots of fruits and veggies. Below is a list of some of the fruits and vegetables that are harvested and are the best during the fall!

  • Pumpkins: When I think of fall vegetables this is definitely one that comes to mind! This versatile veggie begins to ripen in September and because it can be stored so well, it's available through fall and winter. The possibilities for this veggie are endless!
  • Apples: There are a lot of different types of apples. I personally prefer Gala apples, and luckily for me, this tasty fruit is harvest from late August or early September and lasts through November! This fruit is perfect for pies, crisps, juices, and cider! Yum!
  • Butternut, Spaghetti, and Acorn Squash: These three varieties of squash are harvested from the beginning of fall to about the beginning of winter. Whether roasted, baked, boiled or grilled, this vegetable makes a great side dish!
  • Sweet Potatoes: This vegetable is available year round but is the best during the fall and winter seasons. It is a common misconception that yams and sweet potatoes are the same, they are not. Both are very yummy though and can be used for both dessert dishes and not-so sweet dishes!
  • Brussels sprouts: These vegetables always remind me of cabbages, only bite-size. This veggie is at its peak from September to February. Although this is not my favorite, there are many recipes that use this veggie!
  • Cranberries: Of course cranberries are a fall fruit! No Thanksgiving dinner would be complete without some fresh cranberry sauce! Fresh cranberries are available from October to December, although some places carry frozen cranberries year round.
  • Pears: The peak season for pears begins in the late summer and lasts throughout January. This is such a versatile fruit; it can be used in a variety of dishes! It is available year round in a lot of different places.
  • Swiss chard: This veggie is jam packed with vitamins A, C, and K! It's also a great source of magnesium, potassium, and iron! The harvest for this super food begins in late summer and lasts through the fall.
  • Pomegranates: I don't know a lot about this fruit except that you eat the insides of it! Pomegranate season is from September through January. The beautiful reddish seeds add color to any dish!
  • Parsnip: This is one vegetable that needs the cold weather. The cold weather converts their starches into sugar and this is when it gets its sweet flavor. Parsnips are harvested in the late fall!
  • Grapes: I had no idea that the peak season for grapes, which are available year round, is from July to December! This fruit is great for juices, jams, desserts, and to spruce up all sorts of dishes!

There you have it, a partial list of all the wonderful fruits and vegetables that are in season during the fall. If you have any amazing fall dishes that utilize the above ingredients please leave the recipe in the comments section!


Whitney Saupan
Weekly Newsletter Contributer since 2013

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