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Volume III
January 18, 2013

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Shepherd Pie Pies


The newsletter that just came out, under Table Talk with Sharon, her recipe for Shepherd Pie Pies. Where can I find that recipe?



Hi Kathleen!

Thanks for writing. The great thing about the shepard pie pie's is that they are completely adjustable, and the fillings are customizable. I can tell you what I put in my pies though. I make my pies about the size of a poptart, which is about the size of my hand. Into one pie I use about 2 tablespoons of potato, 1 T of corn 1 T green beans and then about 1.5 T meat filling, then apply cheese liberally. :) We like cheese.

If you use different fillings you can adjust, as well as adjust to taste or the size of your pies. I usually just whip up about four potatoes, and depending on the size, that batch can do about 20 pies. I hope this helps you. I often cook without recipes, and because this recipe is so adjustable I didn't include a recipe for it. :)

Sharon Ng


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