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Volume III
May 25, 2012

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How to Avoid On-the-Job-Fatness! 10 Tips to Keep from "Mis-Eating" at Work!

By Alice Osborne

Lots of folks are working on weight loss right now - it's the season to get ready for "the season" (aka getting ready to wear the 'ol bathing suit). So I've been looking not at HOW to drop pounds, but at the circumstances that can add to the pounds. Seems smart to look at the root cause of things, don't you think?

In my hunt I found a Scripps Howard News Service article (didn't catch the date, but it's recent) that talked about one very common source of weight gain - our jobs, or more specifically, how we handle life on the job - and still more specifically, the way we "mis-eat" on the job. The article warned that your workplace is a high-calorie zone that plays a significant role in weight gain (or a role in preventing weight loss).

"Even with the best intentions, it can be difficult to eat healthy at work," says Cindy Conroy, a registered dietitian. "It seems there's always another birthday, breakfast meeting, or business lunch, and these events can easily throw someone off their diet." We know this is true here at DVO!

For people trying to lose weight (or maintain their current weight), Conroy suggests these guidelines:

1. Avoid storing food in your desk or eating at your desk. The closer it is, the more you will think about food while working. Take breaks in a break area instead.

2. Take a walk to avoid eating during mid-afternoon/afternoon slumps. Devoting 15 minutes of your lunch break to a lunch-walk is not only a great way to avoid temptation, but a good way to tone up, as well.

3. Have a non-calorie beverage at break time instead of visiting the pastry tray by the coffee machine. A container of lemon- or lime-water is always a good idea. It's satisfying and adds vitamin C to the bloodstream.

4. Eat breakfast and lunch. Don't skip meals.

5. Keep raw veggies and nuts available for snacking (in the break-room fridge, if possible - NOT at your desk).

6. Enlist co-workers to join your healthy eating (aka "dieting") efforts. Take group walks over breaks or lunch.

7. As fellow co-workers, agree not to bring in high-fat/high calorie foods to share. This is one of the most effective ways to solidify your weight loss intentions. The more people there are on the same page, the easier it is to stick to your goals.

8. Take that agreement a step further and list "weight-loss acceptable" snacks and celebrations treats; make copies of this list and pass them around at the office. Post one in your break room, on the fridge door, etc.

9. Bring an apple and bottle of mineral water to enjoy on the way home from work so you're not starving when you get home.

10. Plan dinner ahead so you aren't inclined to use the drive-through on the way home. Don't stop for groceries on the way home, either.

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