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Volume III
October 14, 2011

Weekly Home / Cook'n & Eat'n

Patty's Preparedness Corner

By Patty Liston

There is always much thought and discussion around DVO as to how we can best serve the needs of our DVO family. How can we make our site more attractive? How usable is our information? What do we need more/less of? And the most important question of all, what are our readers asking to learn more about? Lucky for me, it just so happens that what many of you are asking for is the same thing I've wanted to write about for awhile: personal and family preparedness.

Believe me when I say I understand how daunting the word "preparedness" can be. Like the Halloween ghosts and goblins that come out this time of year, it conjures up all kinds of frightening images: canned goods never used, dehydrated foods that taste like chalk, containers of wheat, (and your family is gluten intolerant), a never-ending list of things to buy, what to buy?, where to buy?, should I buy? And the biggest boogey-man of all, money, money, money. BOO!

I get it.

Preparedness is the proverbial elephant in the room; looming large, refusing to be ignored. But I will tell you what I tell my family: there is an elephant in the room we need to deal with, and we will do so one bite at a time. Eating the whole thing will just give us heart-burn.

So here is Patty's Preparedness Corner promise to you: simple, baby-step articles served in small, realistic portions. After all, these articles are under the banner of Patty's Preparedness CORNER, not Patty's Preparedness WAREHOUSE.

Trust me. We can do this.

Next week: We can't live without it - Water.

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