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5 Day Meal Plan

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DoveTailing Tips

Save about a pound of cooked crawfish to use in Crawfish Etouffee for Meal 3. You can peel them now if you have time, or wait to peel when preparing the Etouffee. You will need about a cup of crawfish meat.

Suggested Sides

 Pineapple Fruit Bowl

 Pots De Creme

DoveTailing Tips

If you haven't already, shell the pound of crawfish that you saved from Meal 1. You will need about a cup of meat. I like to coarsely chop my crawfish, but do as you like.

DoveTailing Tips

Save leftover Chuck Roast for Meal 5, Barbeque Beef Sandwiches. Slice it thinly or shred it and store for next meal.

When cooking the Boiled Potatoes triple the recipe for the first 4 ingredients. Remove 1/3 for this recipe and dice the remaining potatoes to use in Meal 5's Potato Salad.

DoveTailing Tips

We are going to use the leftover BBQ Chuck Roast from Meal 4. However, if by some chance you decided not to cook Meal 4, here is a fantastic easy recipe for BBQ Beef Sandwiches. Pull out the leftover BBQ Chuck Roast and heat it in a saucepan on low heat. Don’t let it dry out. Add a little water (2-3 Tablespoons, or so) if needed to keep it moist.

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