How to Keep Those Eggs from Sticking

Occasionally I have problems in the kitchen that I am just too lazy to solve. This is one of those problems… Every time I make scrambled eggs in the frying pan, they stick like crazy and I have the hardest time cleaning the pan. Sound familiar?

Turns out that I lived with this problem for way too long, and it may not be as difficult to fix as I had previously thought. Here are some ideas you can try. You will probably have to go through some trial and error to find out what works for you, but it is possible to cook eggs without a sticky mess!

  1. Use butter or coconut oil! Before I researched this, I was always coating my pans with cooking spray. Cooking spray may work for some pans, but using butter is working much better with my stainless steel pan. Coconut oil is also a great option.

  2. Use the right kind of pan. Non-stick pans are not always non-stick and there are some safety concerns about non-stick coating. After doing some research, many people prefer cast iron pans for cooking eggs. One lady I read from swears by cast iron pans that are coated in enamel. This is a type of pan I would definitely like to try!

  3. Get the temperature right. If your pan is too hot, your eggs will most definitely stick. If your pan is too cool, they will stick because they have been sitting in the pan too long. One way to tell if your pan is ready is the water drop method. Flick a few drops of water onto the pan. If the water droplet dances and glides about the pan, it is ready. On most stoves, this happens when the burner is on medium heat. Here is a YouTube video that shows what this looks like and explains what is happening from a scientific perspective.

If your house is like mine, you may have a few extra eggs in the refrigerator this time of year. Practice! See if you can get those eggs to come off clean. If you have any other ideas for helping your eggs not to stick, please share in the comments below.


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