My Daily Healthy Lunch: Pan Seared Veggies + Feta

This last week I have tried eating the same meal for lunch every day to minimize shopping time, cooking time, and thinking time! It is super healthy, super tasty (I think!) and a breeze to prepare while I’m doing 15 other things during the middle of the day. Here is what I do:

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I buy 4 zucchini, 4 yellow squash, and 2 large sweet potatoes. On Monday, I slice all the zucchini and squash into coins, then cut those in half. For the sweet potatoes, I peel and cut them into small cubes—the smaller they are the faster they cook! I store the zucchini and squash mixed in a bag together and the sweet potato separately since I cook it first and don’t want it mixed in with the other veggies just yet.

Get some coconut oil going in the pan, and once hot, start your sweet potatoes. I usually give them a good 5 minutes on their own, shake with season salt (not too much!) to cover. Then once those have a good start, add in the green and yellow veggies and add a bit more season salt or garlic if you prefer! Cover with tin foil so they kind of steam and cook through, and once the veggies are all tender and cooked through, pop them in a bowl and sprinkle with feta cheese. It’s the perfect touch!

This meal is healthy, filling, colorful and has a hint of coconut that makes it taste delicious. Eating it every day for a week has a me in a good routine of eating healthy, without having to think or prepare a ton ahead of time. Try it, you’ll like it!


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