Squirrel Party

So, one of my life long goals is to have an epic Squirrel Party. I have a confession about my favorite character from a cartoon show; the fat squirrel from Disney’s classic Sword and the Stone. I could watch it over and over and over. The hilarity of the twitterpated girl squirrels and the “ahhhh” of the boy squirrels is just so funny. We always try to talk like the funny fat lady squirrel in our family. I love to watch real squirrels out in the wild as well. They are such jumpy, funny and adorable creatures. And so a party celebrating these crazy little critters.

There are so many great fall foods that can be eaten in honor of the squirrel. Make your favorite squash soup with some yummy nutty bread to dip into it. And then have fun with the desserts and take homes. The classic acorn is always a highlight in a squirrels life. So, make some edible adorable ones to munch at your Squirrel Feast. All you need are some Hershey Kisses, round nutter butters or vanilla wafers and a chocolate or butterscotch chip to put on top. Stick them all together with a bit of frosting or melt the chocolate pieces and stick them to the cookies. These make adorable centerpieces in bowls, or just sprinkle them down the center of the table.

Make sure to have some fun decor but even more, have all your guests wear a squirrel mask during the party. Instead of party hats create little masks for everyone to slip on and get into character. You could sew them out of felt or just make them from yardstick paper. Another really fun activity to do at your Squirrel party would be to make some squirrel feeders to put out in your yard. There are many ways this can be accomplished and some of them quite easy. You can do the classic pinecone or piece of fruit covered in peanut butter and roll it in bird seed. Or, cut out dried bread pieces with cookie cutters and decorate with seeds. These are simple and cheap. Or you can go a little fancier and have everyone glue an old fork to a mason jar and create a hanger to put it outside filled with peanuts or seeds.

A party is not complete without a take home for your guests. Keeping with the mason jar theme with your feeders, fill small mason jars with some delicious trail mix of nuts and pretzels and call it Squirrel feed. Top it with a sticker or ribbon and whahah you’ve got a fun little take home for your guests to enjoy later. This party would not be a true squirrel party without also watching the Squirrel scene from Sword in the Stone as well. So make sure you’ve got that clip ready to enjoy as you party it up like a squirrel! What is a party theme you’ve always dreamed of having? I’d love to hear your fun party ideas to!


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