Starting it out Right with Snacks

Snacks can really make or break me when it comes to healthy eating goals. Sometimes, I do great with breakfast but by lunch I turn into a pantry raiding monster, ready to eat anything, healthy or not because I am just SO HUNGRY! I have found that snacks can keep me from making disastrous choices, and if I have grab and go healthy options ready, I tend to choose those over the junk (most of the time).

Here are some great, healthy, grab and go snacks to keep you eating, and feeling great.

-Dried Fruit (be cautious of fruits with extra added sugar, a fruit snack does not qualify as dried fruit)

-Nuts- High protein

-baby carrots with peanut butter (it sounds weird but it is really good)

-cheese sticks

-cottage cheese with a small amount of fruit

-fruit cups (opt for the packed in water choice)

-salsa and a few tortilla chips

-trail mix

-roasted edamame

-Half a whole wheat English muffin with peanut butter

-small glass of skim milk

-greek yogurt

-an apple, orange or small banana

-popcorn with sea salt

-rice cakes, wheat cakes are even healthier if you can find them, with a little almond butter

-water, okay its not really a snack, but 4-6 glasses a day will help your tummy feel more full and keep you healthy and hydrated.

-Mix some dill with nonfat yogurt and use as a veggie dip.

- fruit pouches and applesauce cups, these need checked for added sugar, some are loaded with extra sugars which take a great healthy option and turn it upside down.

-protein, in many forms helps to stabilize blood sugar, which is particularly important for those who have diabetes or are prediabetic (doctors now believe prediabetes can be turned around if addressed early enough).

-protein bars and granola bars (watch the sugars in these).

These are just a few simple suggestions that can ward off the hungry pantry monster, there are many, many more. What are some of your favorite healthy snacks?

    Sharon Ng
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