Clean it Up! Kitchen Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Microwave Cleaning Secret

I used to clean my microwave by placing a bowl of water inside and cooking that water for 10 minutes. Eventually that water would steam and the steam would aid in releasing that grime from the top and sides of the microwave oven. However, it took a long time for all that water to heat. New and improved method- wet a handful of paper towels (completely wet them), and place inside on the turntable. Microwave the paper toweling for 4 minutes allowing the towels to steam. Using a gloved hand with caution use the warmed towels to clean the insides of the microwave. When using this method, stay in the same room to watch in case of fire (this has never happened to me, but always be cautious). You can use a hand towel as well, but make sure to keep eyes on the microwave.

Removing stains from China and Stone

To remove set in stains from china pieces, create a paste of salt and vinegar, and scrub the stain. This works well for coffee and tea stains. To get rid of countertop stains (on stone), try a little hydrogen peroxide in water with a few drops of ammonia, rubbed on the stain.

Cleaning Tile with a natural cleaner

To clean tile, make a natural mixture of ½ cup baking soda, to 2 gallons of water. I thoroughly clean a gallon milk jug. Funnel ¼ cup baking soda into the jug, and fill with very hot water, adding a small amount and swirling before filling up the rest of the jug. Allow the water to cool before capping and storing. The slight abrasiveness will clean and the baking soda deodorizes, and the cleaner is inexpensive.

Sparkly Floors

I learned this trick when caring for my old wood floors (by old I mean the original flooring from 1909. I use a mixture of white vinegar and water. One part vinegar mixed in a mop bucket with 9 parts hot water. The vinegar smell does disappear in time, and at 1:9 it isn’t super strong, but it does make my floors shine.

Removing tarnish

To remove tarnish from copper or brass try rubbing a little ketchup on the stain, with a soft towel. Sounds weird but it works!


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