Something’s Fishy? What About Now?

One of my favorite meals growing up was grilled salmon with mashed potatoes and green beans. I would request it every year for my birthday. When I married my husband, I was surprised to learn he did not share in my love for salmon and fish in general.

Fish is fantastically healthy for you- it is high in protein and low in fat, unlike other types of meat. If you don’t eat fish, you’re body is missing out on some serious nutrients! Oily fishes like salmon, artic char and types of tuna contain “good” fatty acids called Omega 3’s. Omega 3 is a wonderful substance for your heart. A diet containing Omega 3 lowers the risk of coronary artery disease, sudden cardiac death and abnormal heartbeats. According to WebMD, a diet including fish can also:

So, if you have a “fish hater” in your home, what are some ways to help them enjoy fish? Well, lucky for you I’ve researched and tested some tips to help them get “hooked” on fish!

Mask the smell

Did you know soaking your fish in milk before you cook it takes away that “fishy” or binary, ocean smell? As we know, smell defiantly affects the way something tastes. You can also marinate fish in an acidic juice like lemon juice to neutralize the odor.

Choose the right fish

Here are some fish with a mild, neutral taste: tilapia, flounder, catfish, tuna, rainbow trout, pacific cod, and turbot (delicate, white-fleshed fish popular in French and Asian cuisines).

Spices & sauces

Drown your fish in creative spices and herbs. Some of my favorites to use with fish (not necessarily in this combination) are garlic, cumin, dill, paprika, oregano, thyme, rosemary, ginger and lemon pepper. I have even used combination spices for poultry on fish as well as combination hamburger spices for meatier fish such as tuna steak or swordfish.

Look around your pantry and see what you can use for sauces. One of my favorite sauces for salmon is honey. I like to drizzle it on top after my salmon comes off the grill. My husband prefers his fish with steak sauce. You can also try different types of salsas, the classic tarter sauce, fry sauce; they’re all great.

My sister-in-law has a great recipe for a lemon butter sauce:

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The ultimate substitute

Start substituting fish in some of your favorite chicken or beef recipes. Make a grilled Mahi-Mahi burger. Use fish in your tacos instead of ground beef. Instead of chicken curry, try salmon curry. chicken fettuccini alfredo? Why not tilapia fettuccini alfredo!

Here is one of my favorite fish recipes, enjoy!

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Good luck with your health endeavors this year and don’t forget to include fish in your diet!


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