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Volume III
September, 2013

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Sugar Cane Tray

"My good friend, Jeff Tiede is pioneering some new, innovative ideas in the cookware space and wants feedback from the Cook'n Family. He asked me if I would include this poll question in this issue of the newsletter. He is super interested in your feedback and after you vote, please add a comment as well and share your thoughts.

Jeff has developed a new cookware piece that can be used to reheat food in the microwave AND/OR bake food in the regular oven. It is made from sugar cane leaves so it is environmentally friendly because it decomposes in a landfill easily. But, best of all, it is disposable which means fewer dishes and easier clean-up for you. It also means no more lost pie pans when you take food to the neighbor's house!

Jeff is curious to know if you would be willing to give a pan like this a try and he is curious to know if you would be willing to pay a little more for the convenience. We look forward to your valuable feedback!"


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