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Volume III
September, 2013

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Cod Liver Oil

Whatever happened to cod liver oil?

Years ago parents gave their children (that would be me) cod liver oil to stave off rickets and night blindness caused by deficiencies in vitamins A and D. One tablespoon of cod liver oil contains 13,600 International Units (IU) of vitamin A and 1,360 IU of vitamin D. The upper limits are 10,000 IU for vitamin A and 4,000 IU for vitamin D. So, cod liver oil fell out of favor because of concerns about possible vitamin toxicity.

Cod liver oil is making a resurgence, however, as a source of omega-3 fatty acids, which is thought to have benefits for heart health.

I hope they are making it taste better than it used to be ☺)

Barbara Williams
"Dan's Right Hand"
Creative DVO Employee since 2007

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