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Volume III
May, 2012

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Gas or Charcoal Poll

Which is Better? Gas or Charcoal?

Gas 52%
Charcoal 48%


love the taste of real charcoal, but as a working lady, gas is so convenient! Also, I can control the heat better with gas. I've worn out two Weber gas grills!

It's all about the flavor from the charcoal smoke

Get a Traeger! You can smoke food, grill food and also use it like an oven. It uses smoking pellets. I just purchased one and love it.

gas is more convenient, but charcoal adds flavor

charcoal adds flavor

It is tastier and more moist.

I think charcoal tastes a little better but gas is much easier!

Charcoal tastes wonderful,but who has the time to wait for them to get hot!

gas adds no flavor to meet like charcoal

You Can Use It Longer In The Season

Charcoal gives a better, deeper taste -- tends to bring out the flavor of what is being grilled, especially meats

Gas is best for speed and ease of use, but charcoal can't be beat for flavor!

If you want that smokey flavor, you can always purchase a small smoke box or wrap wood chips in aluminum foil...!!

I'm an on and off girl

I love the flavor charcoal gives steaks and burgers, but it takes so long to get the coals just right!

Faster and no mess!

Charcoal add taste to your meat where gas can not even better is wood from differed tree's even old branches from grape bush, we in Namibia use Mophanie or hard wood depends on the taste we want, you can taste to your meat if you use charcoal by add rosemary branches on the charcoal after your meat is on the spit

If you use gas might just as well use your oven!

Gas is easy, but the taste doesn't compare with Charcoal

Seriously! Why go back to the stone age. Gas is the way of the future! :-)

Charcoal is more fun/tastier, but after awhile you will use what is easier

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