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Volume III
May, 2012

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If there's one appliance in my kitchen that I consider my best friend, it would have to be my dish washer. When my husband and I were first married, we lived in a tiny, and I mean TINY studio apartment... which of course didn't have a dish washer. It was those dirty days of dishes, Dawn and towels that made my adoration of the household dish washer grow.

When it comes to dish washers though, my husband and I have some differences. I come from a home where we let the dish washer do all the work, no pre-rinsing, no fuss. However, my husband is a firm believer in pre-rinsing all the dishes before he loads it.

Now, before you get too envious, it's not like he does the dishes often, but when he does let's just say that you have to double-check with him that he actually started the cycle before you go to grab a cup from the washer, you may be drinking out of a pre-rinsed dirty cup as my children found out last week :)

So here's my argument, I honestly haven't seen a difference in cleaning power whether you pre-rinse or not (unless of course you put dried on egg or something in there). AND, think of all the wasted water when you essentially "clean" a dish twice. So, what do you think? To rinse or not to rinse, that is the question...


To Rinse or not to Rinse?
Don't Rinse!

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