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Volume III
August, 2012

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Sandwich Topping Poll

What is your favorite sandwich topping?

The Meat! 27%
Cheese 29%
Special Sauce 13%
Tomato 12%
Lettuce 5%
Sprouts 4%
Ketchup 0%
Mustard 1%
Pickles 2%
Other 7%


Avocado! Please & Thank you!

Nice crisp pickle! Homemade or store bought, both are great!

Tomatoes! Fresh from the garden of course! YUM...Yum!

if it's a "meat sandwich", why would one top it with meat?

there are sooo many fantastic cheeses out there:)

thank you for the easy cooking!

Anything goes better with cheese!


eyew! sprouts carry salmonella!

definitely mayonaise

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