Volume III
August, 2012

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Brownies with Agave


I tried to convert my recipe for brownies from sugar to agave. I decreased the sugar by 25% but the brownies did not taste good. What should use as the conversion method? I went thru Cook'n with Agave, but there wasn't a recipe for brownies.

Please help.



Hi Kate,

Sorry your brownies didn't turn out. That's always disappointing. Here's the conversion for future reference:

Just substitute Agave in equal parts for honey in most recipes. As a substitute for sugar, use 3/4 cup agave nectar for 1 cup of sugar, and reduce the liquid content by 1/4 cup.

By typing in "agave brownies" into a google search engine, I found a few recipes for brownies you might enjoy. Here are some links you could "capture" into your Cook'n 10 version, if you have that software.

Agave Sweetened Brownies

Brownies Agave

Agave Brownies

Agave Brownies

Happy Cook'n,

Desiri Wightman, R.D.
Registered Dietitian

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