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Volume III
August, 2012

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Yum! Breakfast Poll

Mmm breakfast, isn't it everyone's favorite meal? When else can we get away with smothering something in syrup or whipped cream and call it a main dish :)

I know, there are many much more healthy options out there, but my favorite decadent breakfasts are Waffles with Strawberries and Whipped Cream, Homestyle Blueberry Pancakes, Yummy Struesel Muffins or Chocolate Waffles topped with Ice Cream. I know, I have a problem! I don't often serve these meals, but indulge that sweet tooth and think for a minute... what is your favorite decadent breakfast?


What is Your Favorite Decadent Breakfast?
Waffles with Sweet Toppings
Dessert Crepes
Fruit/Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Sugary Muffins

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