Pressure Cooker Troubleshooter

Serves: 5




· The best source for your questions? Call the manufacturer or check out their websites.
Lagostina 1-800-263-4067
Kuhn Rikon 415-924-1125
Mirro Company 1-800-527-7727
Maantra 1-877-962-6887
T-Fal, Inc. 1-800-395-8325
Presto 1-800-877-0441
Sitram 1-800-515-8585
Magafesa 1-888-787-9991
Innova 1-877-368-3405
Fagor 1-800-207-0806

· Cooker hisses loudly:
1. Remove cooker from heat and allow to cool.
2. Remove lid and clean parts well before cooking again.

· Pressure doesn't build up:
1. Enough water or heat?
2. Lid closed correctly?
3. Rubber gasket in correct position? dirty? worn?
4. Safety valve engaged due to blockage or damage to cooker?

· Drops of water collect on lid and make popping sounds: Normal.

· Steady stream of vapor is escaping from valve.
1. Normal for some cookers check instruction booklet.
2. Burner heat too high?
3. Dirty valve?
4. Malfunctioning pressure valve?

· Steam escapes from around the lid:
1. Cooker too full?
2. Cooker closed properly?
3. Rubber gasket misplaced? dirty? worn?

· Pressure cooker isn't opening after cooking:
1. Pressure remains in cooker? Set it under cold, running water.
2. Slight vacuum effect if released pressure naturally for an extended time. Heat cooker until steam just begins to come out and then run it under cold water.
3. Safety valve activated? Check manufacturer's instructions.

· Food is undercooked:
1. Too short cooking time? Cook conventionally until done or return to pressure and cook a few minutes more. Jot down notes on recipe to add more minutes next time.
2. Pressure released too rapidly? Food continues to cook while pressure is released. Make sure you don't release pressure too quickly when food needs natural pressure release to continue cooking.
3. Enough water added?

· Food is overcooked:
1. Cooked too long? Follow recipe instructions and set a timer.
2. Cooked in too much water? Reduce water next time.
3. Pressure wasn't released soon enough? Use cold-water release method to drop pressure immediately.

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