_Middle Fork Spareribs

Serves: 5



I spent from late l978 through mid l987 patrolling the Middle Fork of Salmon River. When I first put in for a transfer to this patrol area, I was told it meant becoming a "white water boatman"!

Up to this point, my only experience in command of a boat of any sort was a canoe at Boy Scout Camp getting across a mill pond!

To say I was a reluctant student would be an understatement of the first magnitude. By my own admission, the learning curve appeared extremely steep. Rather than bore you with harrowing tales of flipped rafts and gaping holes torn in rafts, I’ll share a description with you from the other officer who "taught" me the river! He described my attempts with the oars as reminding him of a "daddy long legs spider suffering from a near fatal dose of a banned pesticide"! No longer do I have to put up with such verbal abuse. Now, years later, I’m able to show up on a river trip without embarrassing myself or the outfit I work for.

While running the Middle Fork of Salmon River, one of the outstanding white water rivers in the lower forty eight, I realized just how much this type of wilderness experience can mean to folks from across the nation and for that matter across the world. River outfitters realized the cuisine offered on their trips often left their guests in awe just as much as the other elements of the trip.

Many of the recipes in this book have been shared with me by river guides and other private boaters.

A Back Country Guide to Outdoor Cooking Spiced with Tall Tales - Meat in Camp

This _Middle Fork Spareribs recipe is from the Cee Dub's Dutch Oven and Other Camp Cookin' Cookbook. Download this Cookbook today.

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