_Common Sense And Cards

Serves: 5



"That will never happen to me!" How many times in life do we say this to ourselves! Whether a fleeting thought or an actual verbalization, human nature kicks in when we see a news report about someone lost in the woods. The more time a person has spent beyond roads end, the more likely the thought crosses the mind of "How could anyone be that dumb!?" Yet year after year we read in the paper of folks who are overdue and the local search and rescue unit gets called out. Often the subject of the search is not some 'Pilgrim' on a maiden hike into the wilderness, but someone the reporter describes as knowledgeable and woods-wise. The majority of time the lost soul ends up walking out or is located in good condition by the searchers. We all like happy endings, but unfortunately some searches result in calls going out to contact the next of kin and the coroner.

Over the years I've been called to assist with several search and rescue efforts. The time of year, weather, age, and condition of the subject, plus a host of other variables come into play as to how long someone can last in the woods. More often than not the actions of the lost person will determine how long it takes searchers to find that person! Maybe it's human nature, but it seems that once a person realizes he's lost, he feels compelled to walk. Because he starts walking and keeps walking in the wrong direction, searchers end up looking in the wrong places. It boils down to…a moving target is harder to hit!

Prior to hand held Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers becoming widely available, a map and compass were the best insurance someone heading into the woods could take. It doesn't matter whether you're hiking up a creek for an afternoon's fishing or headed into a wilderness area for an extended stay, the potential for getting lost always exists!

When we head for the woods there are all sorts of emergency items one can carry, but two major ones stand out in my mind. The first and most important being "Common Sense" and, secondly throw in a deck of playing cards!

I taught hunter education for twenty-one years. When students were told of those two items, without exception everyone in a class would get a puzzled look and ask, "Why?" when I made this suggestion. The cards go hand in hand with the first, most important thing one can carry in the woods, the "Common Sense." When a person first realizes he is indeed lost, the most important thing he can do is STOP! Once a person gets as comfortable as possible given the situation he should pull out the deck of cards and begin playing Solitaire! Before he knows it, someone will be looking over his shoulder telling him to play the Red Ten on the Black Jack. To some, this may sound facetious, but someone telling me how to play Solitaire ain't near as bad as spending time and energy walking in circles waiting to be found!

Spiced with More Tall Tales - Introduction

This _Common Sense And Cards recipe is from the Cee Dub's Dutch Oven and Other Camp Cookin' Cookbook. Download this Cookbook today.

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