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How To Wrap And Decorate

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Take a look at the containers you've saved. Should they be sprayed, wrapped, lined, etched or simply labeled and tied with a piece of colorful ribbon or yarn? Acrylic spray paint works well on metal cans and is quick and easy to use. Self-adhesive decorative paper is a good alternative. Or you can cut out shapes from felt or last year's greeting cards to make stick-on designs.

Line a flower pot with foil and fill it with Herb Bouquets and some herb seed packets, but be sure to recommend that the Herb Bouquets be transferred to a jar or can within a few days.

Spice Bags can be attached to a small Styrofoam® circle to form a wreath, then wrapped with clear plastic. But remember, this is not airtight and also needs storage instructions.

A recipe card box is a good container for Sugar 'n' Spice Nuts or Spiced Tea Mix, with a plastic bag for a liner, of course. Attach the recipe card inside the lid.

Check at the end of each recipe in this book for individual wrapping ideas. Here are some more suggestions that can be used for gift combinations.

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