Herb Chart

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* See note below.


* Herbs are the aromatic leaves of plants. When using herbs, start with a small amount and taste before adding more. Allow about 1/4 teaspoon dried herb or a pinch of ground herb for 4 servings. Crush leaves just before adding to release its flavor, 1 teaspoon dried = about 1 tablespoon fresh. The flavor of herbs will last longer if herbs are stored in a cool, dry place in closed containers. Characteristics
Basil -- Member of the mint family. Used widely in Italian and French cooking. Fresh or dried, broken leaves or ground. Sweet and aromatic.

Bay Leaf -- Leaves of the laurel tree. Whole or broken dried leaves. Pungent and aromatic.

Chives -- Member of the onion family. Can use the entire length of long green leaves. Fresh, dried or freeze dried. Delicate onion flavor.

Dill Weed -- Known for its use in pickling. Fresh or dried. Distinctive yet mild flavor.

Marjoram -- Member of the mint family. Fresh or dried leaves or flakes. Aromatic, lightly bitter flavor with cool aftertaste. Flavor similar to oregano but milder.

Oregano -- Member of the mint family. Used in Italian. Greek and Mexican foods. Dried leaves or ground. Aromatic and pleasantly strong.

Parsley -- Fresh or dried. Fresh is readily available, adds a "freshness" when used with dried herbs and is often used as a garnish. Delicate aroma, mild in flavor.

Rosemary -- Evergreen shrub of the mint family. Fresh or dried needle-shaped leaves. Strong, tea-like aroma and bittersweet flavor.

Sage -- Member of the mint family. Leaves are silver grey when dried. Fresh, dried or rubbed (ground). Spicy aroma with pungent, slightly bitter taste.

Savory -- Also called summer savory. Member of the mint family. Leaves are small and brownish-green when dried. Leaves or ground. Pine-like almost peppery aroma.

Tarragon -- Member of the sunflower family. Fresh or dried leaves. Sweet aromatic flavor.

Thyme -- Member of the mint family. Fresh or dried leaves or ground. Fresh aroma and slightly pungent taste.

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